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Who Painted The Sky?

After probably one too many hours at work with one too many ahead of me, I find myself stood in the garden smoking that one cigarette that is most definitely one too many for the past hour. I look up to the sky and an instinctive feeling crept into my fingers. A feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while, a feeling that that used to have a permanent residency in my head, my heart and my stomach. That feeling of wonder; the feeling of I wonder who could possibly have thought to put those colours together and present them to a blind ignorant world that would most probably just look through living room windows and wonder for a split second, Ohh the sky is on fire.

The Exorcist

There only a handful of films that I can watch over and over again, Citizen Kane, The Doors and the film I would like to talk about here… The Exorcist. I have been a fan of Horror films for as long as I can remember. My mum was an advocate of treating my brother and I like humans and not little things to be programmed. She allowed us to experience films that ordinary 9 and 10-year-olds would usually be exposed to. She let us know that they were just films and someone with a weird imagination had created something out of the ordinary. We accepted this and Leatherface and Freddy Krueger became people I would re-enact in the school playground; teachers probably didn’t understand, but hey… it was the early 80s and progressive teaching hadn’t really kicked in yet.