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Who(s) Next?

… for those in the know, my answer to that question is… I DON’T CARE REALLY!!! For those who have no idea what I may be talking about (welcome to the majority of the people around me 90% of the time), I will elaborate a little. Later on this afternoon, after two bloke finish banging around a little ball of fuzz, the BBC is going to announce who the 13th Doctor will be in Doctor Who.

Speculation – Who Is Bill

It was announced on Saturday that the new Doctor Who companion would be played by Pearl Mackie. Her character’s name is Bill – and that is pretty much all the concrete evidence we have about her character at this time. However, me being the curious nosey kind of geek, I decided to look a little deeper at the subtle clues they have given us and I am about to make some wildly unsubstantiated guesses at what I think her character will be like.