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Welcome to 2017

Well, here we are; 2017, 2016 seems so long ago, and may it rest in peace. This New Year offers me a chance to spread my wings and give myself a challenge and see if I can finally make something I am proud of and hopefully give something that people may find intrinsically interesting along the way. It has been a long slog for me to let go of the past and realise that I really did need to change. Procrastination has been a thing for me for so long and once I realised that I had that problem I knew I had to make some hard choices and make them soon… that was 6 months ago, guess that procrastination still needs some work.

Speculation – Who Is Bill

It was announced on Saturday that the new Doctor Who companion would be played by Pearl Mackie. Her character’s name is Bill – and that is pretty much all the concrete evidence we have about her character at this time. However, me being the curious nosey kind of geek, I decided to look a little deeper at the subtle clues they have given us and I am about to make some wildly unsubstantiated guesses at what I think her character will be like.


It isn’t often that I go rambling through the iTunes Podcast directory just aimlessly. Usually I am hunting for something recommended by a friend or to fix some stupid mistake I made with my Podcast subscriptions. However, the other night (or should I say early hours of the morning) I found myself doing just that. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and was just reading a few of the descriptions of Podcasts to see if anything took my fancy.