To The Darkside

10 years ago I took my first tentative step into Apple-dom. I bought an 8gb iPod Nano and filled it with hundreds and hundreds of songs and audiobooks. It never left my pocket, it was perfect; the best MP3 player I had ever owned (and there had been a few). From the time I got that MP3 player I knew I wanted more, I wanted an iPhone! And so… when my phone contract was up just under a year later, I did it, I got the iPhone 3GS and I was in love. This thing of beauty was easy to use, you didn’t need a manual to just make a phone call; in fact what Apple lovers had been saying was true It just works

Who Painted The Sky?

After probably one too many hours at work with one too many ahead of me, I find myself stood in the garden smoking that one cigarette that is most definitely one too many for the past hour. I look up to the sky and an instinctive feeling crept into my fingers. A feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while, a feeling that that used to have a permanent residency in my head, my heart and my stomach. That feeling of wonder; the feeling of I wonder who could possibly have thought to put those colours together and present them to a blind ignorant world that would most probably just look through living room windows and wonder for a split second, Ohh the sky is on fire.

Why Am I Blogging Again?

The simple answer is I miss it and I want to. The more detailed answer would be that I seem to have slipped into a new phase of life that has given me a new lease on life. The stereotype of men who enter mid-life is that they go out and buy a penis extension fast car or motorbike and divorce the wife and shack up with a young busty blonde swede from Bristol(?).