Welcome to the bit of the website that is supposed to give you some insight into the loon who writes the majority of it.

Well, I am a bloke who spends rather to much time on the Internet and submerged in fantasy worlds that he didn’t create. However, I have a rather vivid imagination and sometimes, I get the real fantasy worlds mixed up with my imagined ones… it gets confusing for all involved… usually me!

The Balding Geek idea came about at some point when I was struggling with one of my other blogs. I kept seeing helpful people who claim to have some insight into this mad thing called blogging, that one should always find your niche and try and stick to it. Well you see, I haven’t ever really tried that as all of my blogs have been pretty much centred around my life.

When I did have a niche it was based on my struggles with Mental Illness and that went to the side as things improved for me and I started to feel a bit of a fraud espousing life with MH problems.

I moved on to a general day to day blog that encompassed my everyday foibles, and that has been going for around 6 or 7 years and things kind of ebb and flow with that and I lost my way, so when I was at a pretty low point I went out and did what I usually do when depression hits me… I spent money.
The next morning I woke up to an email that I had bought thebaldinggeek.uk. What the hell I was planning on doing with it I had no idea. All I knew is that the name really did fit me.

You are probably waiting for me to tell you what I Geek about?

If you speak to my long suffering family, they would probably say that it was easier to say what I didn’t geek about.

To give you a clue about what you’ll find here thus giving you some insight into my main areas of fandom the the list would probably look like this:

Doctor Who
Star Wars
The DC Comic Universe (Films and Graphic Novels)
Audio Drama – both Over The Air and Podcasts
Star Trek
Game of Thrones
Other Comic Book related ephemera
Horror Movies
Funko Pops

This is just a very basic list of things that from day to day keep me sane.

I hope you join me from time to time as I offer my very biased and totally unique views on my Geek World.