Who(s) Next?

… for those in the know, my answer to that question is…


For those who have no idea what I may be talking about (welcome to the majority of the people around me 90% of the time), I will elaborate a little. Later on this afternoon, after two bloke finish banging around a little ball of fuzz, the BBC is going to announce who the 13th Doctor will be in Doctor Who.

As usual, when a Doctor leaves, every British actor (male and female) start being proposed as “The Next Doctor”. For as long as I can remember the speculation has been generally aimed towards Male actors, back in the classic days they would throw in the token female suggestion just to be seen as progressive; these days though it is a perfectly valid question for most viewers of the show, for the die hards (like myself) it is a more detailed conversation to be had. That, however, is not the conversation I want to have here. Instead, I’ll say this… If the person chosen for the role brings an honesty and a willingness to wholeheartedly fill The Doctors Vest or Bra, then to be quite frank… I don’t care who it is!

Who is your favourite Doctor Uncle Paul?

That was a question often asked of me, by my eldest Nephew, and my answer was always the same. Which ever Doctor I am watching is my favourite.. he never quite got that reply, and always pushed for a definite answer… I always thought back to which episode I watched or listened to last.. and that was my favourite that day, he was 12 before he caught on to the fact my favourite changed most times.

Maybe I am strange in Doctor Who fandom, but there are very few episodes of the show that I don’t like. For me, the show is a journey that the Doctor and (so far) his companions have taken and each step of that journey is as important as the last and the next. For a show that has a debateable canon, each viewer is allowed to make their own mind up about what the show is for them. That may sound pretty logical, but when you look at other fandoms where everything is written down in black and white (Star Trek, Star Wars) this approach has to be the best for everyone. I enjoy the previously mentioned series, quite a lot as it happens, but they are very rigid in the parameters of what can and can’t be done in the shows and other tie-in products. Doctor Who, by its very nature as a show about Time and Space travel, allows the viewer to go wherever they want, whenever they want.

When the announcement is made later on today, I will be at work. I will most probably not see the livereveal, but I am sure, my phone will buzz and I am pretty sure that one of the people in the house in which I will work, will be screaming blue murder to make sure I know before my phone stops buzzing. Will I be disappointed not to see the live reveal… yeah, but remember… whoever takes the TARDIS key, will be my next favourite Doctor.

Give 13 a chance, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Until Next Time…


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