Who Painted The Sky?

After probably one too many hours at work with one too many ahead of me, I find myself stood in the garden smoking that one cigarette that is most definitely one too many for the past hour. I look up to the sky and an instinctive feeling crept into my fingers. A feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while, a feeling that that used to have a permanent residency in my head, my heart and my stomach. That feeling of wonder; the feeling of I wonder who could possibly have thought to put those colours together and present them to a blind ignorant world that would most probably just look through living room windows and wonder for a split second, Ohh the sky is on fire.

Tonight, I had that urge to grab my phone and start taking pictures of the sky again.

At one point in my life, I took so many pictures of the sky I thought I may have adopted the heavens and made it one of my own offspring and decided to randomly post pictures of it all over the internet.

Look little Johnny Cumulus Cloud is showing how brilliantly bright pink its poop is this evening


Look at Missy the Misty Wafting Wave of Water pissing down on my nice clean windows; ahh Isn’t she adorbs

That may sound like I am ripping on parents who post their kids to Facebook and Instagram, trust me that is so far from what I am trying to get at here… I mean have you seen how many sodding dog pictures there are on Facebook, it got so bad even I wanted to get a Husky (or Malamute) … it’s the eyes, so blue. I digress.

What I am really getting at is the fact, that tonight I stood outside and I looked up and the sky looked like some master had taken out his brushes and made the sky look just a little prettier for me and that for a brief moment of the turmoil that other people’s lives thrust me into, I got to experience something that some of my family would call Gods Great Work or other friends would say “we can recreate that with this gel that gel and a little bit of Dobbsian intervention”. To me, though it was just that; a chance for my brain to just turn off for two minutes and try and compose that one image that has made this whole post, seems like no just another ramble with no real point.

Take time in these peak days of summer to look at nature and reflect for just a moment. I don’t mean that we should decide between the super strength antiperspirant or the dry ice to keep us cool through the heat wave, but we should look up and if it looks pretty (it will) “take a picture” whether it is with your memory, with your mobile phone or with that big flashy camera you have no idea what all the settings are yet (but you swear to yourself you will learn what they do one day).

You’ll have something to look on at 4 am in the morning when you can’t sleep, or if the day is filled with grey skies and torrential rain, and remember that in person’s week, something looks good and it can stay for a lifetime.

I wish I could say any kind of normal service will resume anywhere in my online life anytime soon. I honestly thought when I started this blog that it would be able to slot in somewhere with my new working life, but as you can probably imagine after reading this, the pretty sunsets are not easy to metaphorically come by at the moment. The current weather situation here in the UK has a funny effect on everyone, some people handle it well and end up at the beach after work, others end up in the beer garden others end up sitting in a dark room hoping for the world to stop spinning so fast so I can carry on with my part of my life.

I have only maybe once or twice felt like a I made a bad choice doing what I have done, but I will not lie and not admit that some days that dark room is the only thing that keeps me on this side of sane and not falling off the world and spinning off to the pretty coloured cloudscapes that fill the open skies around here.

Let me know what you think