Why Am I Blogging Again?

The simple answer is I miss it and I want to.

The more detailed answer would be that I seem to have slipped into a new phase of life that has given me a new lease on life. The stereotype of men who enter mid-life is that they go out and buy a penis extension fast car or motorbike and divorce the wife and shack up with a young busty blonde swede from Bristol(?).

Me, I never like to do anything normal like, I decided to go back to work after 10 years on disability benefits, I didn’t take the easy route by getting a nice easy office job that is 9-5 or a little part time shop job, no I decided to go into the Health Care sector and become a Support Worker in an Assisted Living home for people with Learning Difficulties.

Everyone I have spoken to in the past couple of years has suggested that IF I go back to work to ease myself into it and start off part time, well.. that didn’t quite happen. My first two weeks on the job I did just over 105 hours plus a few overnight sleep-in shifts.

I’m not going to lie, I felt a little jaded at the end of April, but here I am nearing the middle of may and I have no idea what hours I have done this month, just that they appear to be adding up.

I have been working just over 6 weeks and it is still not routine to me. I don’t have set shifts, as each week is different shifts. I am hoping as I get more used to the job that I will also become accustomed to working in and of itself. The shock to my system that I have something more than the bullshit that I used to claim as work is more than I was expecting. Coming home after a double shift and heading straight to bed is not the ideal way to live. I want to enjoy the time I am away from work as well as enjoying the time I am at work.

I have a strange feeling that I am never going to get the whole of this job, but at some point being called a “fucking dickhead” at 8 am will become second nature. Until that point, bring on the fun.

What else has dragged me back to blogging… well, it’s is just the cathartic feeling of brain dumping onto the internet for everyone and no one to read. I have genuinely missed the ability to just open up WordPress and just write and post. Having that freedom to say what I want when I want is the pivitol reason I want this blog. It is also the reason I am no longer using a blog with my name attached.

The Metroplis Coffee Shop is a domain I originally wanted to use for a geek project, but it never happened and now it’s just sat there doing nothing, so what better place to be mysterious, than in Metropolis!
So here is to (yet another) next step. Enjoy the ride with me and all will be Super!

Until next time…

Let me know what you think