Superman Returns

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What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this film.

For starters, it has to be said that I eat up anything Superman. I watched all the movies (including Quest For Peace), I have heard a lot of the old radio programmes, I have seen the George Reeves TV show, Hell I even had the T-Shirt at one point.

That being said, I haven’t read many comic books at all. I kinda begrudge paying so much for something that will take me less than an hour to read and then never get read again. I much prefer reading the graphic novels of full story arcs. The one I really got into was the whole Death of Superman storyline. There was no way I would have kept up with the individual comics being released so when the graphics came out I was made up.

Anyway back to the new movie. I waited with baited breath to see this. It was hyped to be big and better than anything we had seen before. Except I got a distinct feeling that I had seen it before. The land grab story is along the lines of Superman The Movie. Lex Luthor is still Mad Bad and dangerous to know, but Kevin Spacey’s Lex seemed slightly Kevin Spaceyish to me. He was great but I had seen American Beauty and Spacey’s character was kinda generic.

Mad, Bad and Bald.

The new face of Superman Brandon Routh was a wise choice, he looks and sounds like Christopher Reeve at the right times and yet still gives a great individual performance that will only help make Superman Returns stand out in an already impressive line up of Men of Steel.

Still with the pants on the outside

Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane was not as feisty as Margot Kidder or any other Lois for that matter but no other Lois was a mommy. Bosworth’s Lois stood out as someone who had aged and had grown up from her infatuation with Superman. But masks are hard to keep hiding behind.

Lois has a bit more of a back story.

The guy playing Jimmy Olsen is just plain annoying. He is mercifully not used much after the first hour of the movie. Jimmy as a character is supposed to full of beans but this guy is one big fart. Truth be told he was the only one who did really get on my nerves.

This film was always going to be compared to its predecessors, which I think is slightly unfair. They pretty much covered the Lex Luthor story in the Christopher Reeves movie, I think they should have moved on to another villain, wherein lies another problem… What other villains are associated with Superman? I am a fan and I can only think of Doomsday (the monster that kills Superman) and that story is too long and detailed and couldn’t be done justice in 2 and a half hours.

If the Superman franchise is to go on then there has to be new villains and adventures that don’t seem like they have been done on film before.

I know I have pointed out a lot of negatives in this, but don’t forget I am a big fan and I just felt like there should have been so much more that I got from the film. I guess part of the blame should go to Bryan Singer the director, it was his vision and his take on the Superman mythos that we see this year. He did great on bringing The X-Men to the big screen, the reason being?… No one had any preconceived ideas of what a movie version would look like. Superman Returns had a brick wall to climb over before it was even released and that was what everyone else remembered from the past.

All in all Superman Returns isn’t all it could have been for me, but it’s a great movie for those not so anally retentive :o)

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