Welcome to 2017

Well, here we are; 2017, 2016 seems so long ago, and may it rest in peace.

This New Year offers me a chance to spread my wings and give myself a challenge and see if I can finally make something I am proud of and hopefully give something that people may find intrinsically interesting along the way.

It has been a long slog for me to let go of the past and realise that I really did need to change. Procrastination has been a thing for me for so long and once I realised that I had that problem I knew I had to make some hard choices and make them soon… that was 6 months ago, guess that procrastination still needs some work.

Looking forward to the upcoming New Year here are a few things that have my eyes and ears tingling.


This year is going to be yet another good year for geek TV. We have a whole new series of Doctor Who to come in the spring that is setting up to Steven Moffat leaving the show after the Christmas episode in 2017. This single thing for me is the most exciting thing to happen to Who since the 50th Anniversary shows. Mr Moffat has (in my opinion) hung around a season or two too long. Yes, he bought in Peter Capaldi to the show and that was a stroke of genius, Capaldi has been my favourite iteration of the good Doctor since Ecclestone, but never the less, Moffat’s time is up.

Game of Thrones is back later than normal this year. It is rumoured not to return until the Summer, but hopefully, it will be well worth the wait. Each season has tried to better the last and this past season out did the last two together. So much happened that totally reinvigorated the show, I hope the carry on with that momentum.

The second half of the DCEU carries on in the next couple of months. I hope that there isn’t a slump in the shows as has been noted in previous years. I do think that the 4-show crossover event happened a little too soon. I really would have liked to have seen that happen this side of the New Year; maybe with a little more build up. The Flash has been feeling a little rushed with Flashpoint all seemingly over and done with except the glitches in the time stream, I was hoping for more on that. Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow really can’t do any wrong for me and Supergirl now that it has moved to the CW with the rest of the Arrowverse has started to flourish with its own individuality which I thought may have been lost when it came over.

There are several other things I am looking forward to in the coming year’s TV, but if I list them all this will be an epic of Tolkienesque proportions. I’ll go into more in further posts.


To be honest, I am quite ambivalent towards the Marvel Cinematic universe at the moment. When last year’s Captain America – Civil War came out, I honestly thought it was a mistake in the naming of the film, surely, they meant it was an Avengers movie? No doubt I will go and see the films once they are released, but I really don’t feel like investing too much time into them; to do so would, I think, be pointless for me and not too interesting for anyone else.

However; the DC Cinematic Universe has much more appeal to me. Whilst it may have had a debatable shaky kick off; I think lessons have been learned and looking ahead to Wonder Woman this year has me hopeful that things are looking up. The Aquaman and Justice League films that are on the horizon stand to be much more representative of what the DCCU should offer. I also hoping for more news on any possible Suicide Squad spin-offs.

The last Superhero film I hope gets more of a hurry up push is Deadpool 2 – For me, Deadpool was one of the very best highlights of any genre of film last year.

Whilst Superhero movies are all well and good there is more to the world than Bulging Muscles and Capes. Again, in the interest of some kind of brevity, I’ll post more on films I am looking forward too in further posts.

Radio/Audio Drama

During the tail end of 2016, I managed somehow to lose a considerable amount of my Radio Collection through some unknown action. I have begun rebuilding the collection by going through the remaining files I have and trying to find the duplicated files. I have a system where, when a show is being serialised over a period of time and maybe even over several series, that I take copies and put them in a different folder for easy finding and playing. It’s a laborious process, but once it’s done, I’ll have a more organised system than I have before. I will also be backing everything up to disc this time round… weekly!

As for new stuff that I am looking forward to; on the Radio the one show I have been really looking forward to returning is the third series of G.F. Newmans The Corrupted – This is Semi-Factual drama in the old Afternoon Drama slot (2.15-3pm Radio 4 – Monday to Friday). The Corrupted tells the tale of The Oldman Family who from the tail end of the 2nd World War become more and more enveloped into the shadier side of London. Through Murder, Rape, Extortion and Bribery; the series is a history lesson for a generation that couldn’t believe that this kind of stuff really of happened. It mixes fact with extremely well-written fiction and passes it off as a True Crime drama that is, to me, on par with The Sopranos or The Godfather trilogy, just with a Cockney accent.

There are few Podcasts that I am looking forward to delving into again this year. Subject Found and Diary of a Madman – both great shows that bend the norm for horror/thriller podcasts.

On the factual side of things, Adam Roche at Attaboy Clarence is going from strength to strength. If you have any interest in Vintage Hollywood, you have to check out his podcasts. He really should be making documentaries for the BBC or NPR, he is that dedicated to getting the facts and making them appealing to everyone, and he isn’t afraid to produce shows that combined, take 24 hours to get through. He makes it look simple, but trust me, it isn’t.


Finally, my new obsession, XBox gaming. It started out as finding out if I would enjoy playing games on a console, to being a new hobby that has kind of consumed me in a short space of time. I am looking forward to becoming a better gamer this year. I have a lot to learn and so much to improve on.
There really is only one game that I am looking forward to and that is Injustice: Gods Amongst Us 2.

The game comes out on May 16th, 2017 – 6 days after my birthday, guess that is the present sorted this year.
So that is my quick (HA!) look at what I am looking forward to in the coming year in my geeky little world. No doubt as the year evolves and new projects are announced you get to hear how excited I am by the shiny, shiny things on offer; I’ll rave away and you’ll think


But no, I shall be unashamedly passionate until the next shiny thing comes along.

Let me know what you think